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D.J. Wachter, Inc. is a professional accounting services firm offering accounting
and tax services in the Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland area for over
20 years. Our clients receive personalized services tailored to meet their needs.

More than one-third of our present client base is comprised of federally funded
grantees, contractors and subcontractors. Specifically, we have submitted rate
proposals, established cost pools and written DCAA approved accounting policy
and procedure manuals. We have fulfilled the requirements of A-122/A-133
reporting, cost incurred reports and DCAA audits. The remaining two-thirds of
our clients are in the for-profit arena and span a wide variety of industries from
medical offices, residential construction companies to information technology firms.

We are a small accounting firm. Our past performance has provided consistent
and reliable service to our clients. Over seventy percent of our clients have
retained our services for over ten years and twenty percent of those, for over
fifteen years. We value their trust and pledge to continue our commitment
to provide quality service in the future.